Perpetual Motion Dance is currently creating an original concert of modern and aerial dance entitled Fault Line in collaboration with filmmaker Kyle Van Odsol that will feature the company’s signature blend of stunning visuals and technical ingenuity. The concert will take place May 15th-16th 8:00pm and May 17th 2:00pm at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center. Fault Line will explore the metaphor of seismic shifts by creating an eight by eight foot wall of boxes that will be deconstructed into multiple platforms. Kyle Van Osdol will integrate 3-D projection mapping onto these platforms, reflecting the seismic activity occurring below our feet. Aerial apparatuses such as a horizontal ladder and harnesses will lift the performance off the ground and into the air. The choreography for Fault Line will be created by director Michelle Moeller, company choreographers Stephanie Crosby, Kayla Jenkins, and Amy Nevius and artist in residence Amy Querin of Fresno Dance Collective.

Perpetual Motion Dance was awarded the Mid-America Arts Alliance “Artistic Innovations” grant for the creation Fault Line, one of only three awarded in the state of Oklahoma. The company was also awarded a matching grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council to assist in funding Perpetual Motion’s concert. Through state appropriations and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Oklahoma Arts Council funds over 1,200 events annually with an estimated total attendance of over 3.5 million. Projects funded by the Oklahoma Arts Council generally account for over $20 million in grants and matching funds distributed throughout Oklahoma’s economy throughout the state’s rural and urban communities.

Video by: Edward K. Van Osdol